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With increasing globalization, skills in leadership, interpersonal relationships, multicultural communication, and English fluency are becoming crucial for professional success. Citizens of the world are better prepared to understand various contexts that are present in contemporary society and, therefore, are better prepared to cope with the adversities and opportunities of their future lives. With this in mind, WAY American School offers your school the opportunity to differentiate itself from your competitors through providing your students with an international experience and an innovative high school program without having to leave their country.

WAY American School - Study your WAY to success!

WAY American School is an American private school that offers international students an American accredited High School diploma in partnership with important private schools around the world. Internationally has operated in China and in Brazil since 2014.

Teaching Methodology

WAY American School makes sure through a blend of in-person and online teaching, that each student thrives. Following the official American curriculum and being connected to an innovative approach to education that uses modern technology, high-quality Project-Based Learning, and competency-based assessment, our students develop interdisciplinary knowledge, critical thinking, creativity, and interpersonal communication abilities. Through the development of these 21st-century skills and others, PBL prepares the students for professional, academic and personal success.

Blended Program

At WAY American School, part of the content is offered through in-person classes, and part through online classes, as shown below:

  • 4 hours of weekly in-person classes with American teachers at different times of regular classes.
  • Up to 2 weekly hours of lessons and studies online that can be done from home or school.
  • Duration of program: 2.5 years to 3 years.

Why partner with us?

Educational Platform HERO

WAY American School adopts HERO, the proprietary online platform developed by world partner Centric Learning, which adapts to the pace and level of each student and allows the monitoring of individual performance

University and Professional Counseling Service

WAY American School offers a counseling service that helps students, based on their skills and competence, choose the best match for their future by suggesting career and university choices. This is done in part by monitoring the admissions process of several higher education institutions. The service also provides SAT preparation workshops to better ensure students can enroll in American universities.

Certified Teachers

WAY American School has expectations and requirements of its academic team and only recruits highly qualified and certified teachers who have valid certification, a bachelor's degree and one or more years of experience.


WAY American School is part of the network of institutions accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED), meeting its high standards of education. Cognia is recognized in 73 countries and is the world leader in accreditation services for educational institutions who seek excellence in student services.


A partnership with WAY American School provides several benefits to both students and schools.

For students

Development of 21st-century skills, essential for preparing for life beyond school.
Improvement of English fluency through frequent interaction with native English speakers.
Enhancement of cultural background without having to leave their residence countries.
Broadening of world vision, allowing for different approaches to society’s issues and problems.
Easier access to higher education institutions worldwide and a wider range of university options.

For partner schools

Entry to a select group of institutions that offer international education.
Higher retention rates – students enrolled in the High School program will not be able to continue the program if they transfer to another institution unless it is a WAY American School partner.
Authentic American classroom environment designed for PBL – all room remodeling and adaptation costs are covered by WAY American School.

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