WAY American School está com vagas para Teacher Assistants em SP e RJ

WAY American School está com vagas para Teacher Assistants em SP e RJ

A WAY American School Brasil está com vagas abertas para as cidades do Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo! As vagas são para Teacher Assistants e os detalhes podem ser lidos abaixo, em inglês. Para se inscrever, clique aqui.

A WAY American School é uma escola privada americana, fundada em 2009 no Estado
de Michigan, nos Estados Unidos, e opera internacionalmente na China e no Brasil desde
2014. Oferece o diploma de High School americano a estudantes internacionais do oitavo ano do ensino fundamental ao terceiro ano do ensino médio, em parceria com os maiores colégios particulares do mundo.

Nossa missão é mudar vidas através da criação de oportunidades educacionais envolventes e encorajadoras para todos os jovens.

Be a Teacher Assistant at WAY

Job Overview

A TA collaborates and coordinates with the Lab Expert to create an enhancing learning experience and environment for students, participates actively during the planning and instructional time (Lab Sessions), provides parents, partners, and students with information on academic progress, behavior, and others. The TA establishes and maintains communication for mutual understanding, cooperation and stakeholders’ success.
Responsibilities and Duties

  • Deliver quality instruction with the Lab Expert, present or online,
  • Deliver  quality in-person instruction when the Lab Expert is not present,
  • Plan instruction in collaboration with the Lab Expert,
  • Facilitate students` learning in a PBL approach,
  • Facilitate English acquisition,
  • Develop customized teaching strategies for instruction delivery,
  • Keep track of data and reports on students progress to ensure students progress success with the Lab Expert,
  •  Assist students, parents and any other stakeholder individually when needed,
  • Be responsible for having all resources and technology ready for the class in collaboration with the Lab Expert,
  • Monitor students performance in class and attendance,
  • Monitor students quality of work and uploads focused on their progress,
  • Maintain required data on individual student progress
  • Communicates regularly with the school director, teachers and parents about the students progress,
  • Gives language support when the teacher needs to communicate with the school or families.
  • Be a cultural liaison,
  • Represent the WAY American School program in person any time it is needed reflecting ownership and accountability for the client.


  • Undergraduate course in education. preferably English language or social sciences,
  • Teaching in K-12,
  • English as a second language teaching,
  • Living in the US or any English speaking country,
  • experience with technology in education.
  • Specific Skills: Fluency and proficiency in English in speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Personal characteristics: Kind and respectful, open-minded and empathetic, mindful and patient, dynamic and proactive, Sociable and Flexible, Dedicated and accountable.
  • Certification in English language proficiency,

Authority Area

  • Instruction co-delivery with Lab Expert being the certified teacher in the program. 

Other information

  • Observe Interpersonal relationships and legal requirements and policies of the partner school and children's rights.
  • Observe WAY American School's employee handbook for general policies.

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