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WAY China student gets accepted into Boston University

WAY China student gets accepted into Boston University

One of WAY American School students from China has just been accepted to study at Boston University, one of the top 100 universities in the world. Yizhou Chen (Joe) is a high school student at Jurong Country Garden School, in the province of Jiangsu, and is very excited about going to the United States.

I was very excited to receive the offer from Boston University and I joined the official group of the class of BU2024 as soon as possible. As the first class of graduate students from WAY American School-Jurong, I feel so honored and proud to be admitted to Boston University. Thanks to the teachers for their support and encouragement!The teachers actively helped me with my plan for college entrance. 

Boston university was my dream school at that time. I like the strong learning atmosphere of Boston University, the exchange opportunities to London and the endless clubs in the college. All my efforts finally paid off when I received the offer. In 2019, my wish came true and my harvest is full.

Katelyn Gibilterra, our English Language Arts teacher in China, interviewed Joe to understand a little more about the application process and what are his expectations about going to America. You can watch it below.