WAY American School arrives in Natal

high school marista

WAY American School closes partnership with another Marist school in Brazil. This time it is the Colégio Marista de Natal that will begin their High School program. With it, it is possible for students to obtain a double degree, from Brazil and the United States, in addition to acquiring international training working with native certified American teachers.

WAY American School classrooms are located within the building of Marista Natal

and classes are taught entirely in English, providing the students global learning without having to leave school.

Through the partnership with WAY American School, students from Marista Natal study the American curriculum alongside the Brazilian one, in different shifts, with either in-person and online classes. They are prepared for the SAT and ACT tests and will advised on their professional and academic choices by a team of specialists.

The Marista students from 8th and 9th grades to the 1st year of high school are eligible to the program.

Learn more at Marista.edu.br/highschool, or by phone 0800-006-2888.