Tom Watkins, director of WAY American School China, talks about education in Michigan

Tom Watkins, diretor da WAY American School China, em feira de recrutamento de escolas chinesas.

Tom Watkins, director of WAY American School China, was invited to Northwestern Michigan College for a lecture. The event was related to relations between the United States and China, with a focus on education.

About WAY American School, Watkins says that the school makes partnerships "to bring project-based learning into schools" in China through an American High School program.

With an accreditation accepted in 73 countries, a student with a WAY diploma can realize the dream of going to a university anywhere in the world, and the United States, as he says, "is the beacon where people want to go".

Speaking of the United States and China, it is clear during the conversation that the relationship between the two countries is good for everyone. "I believe that, sitting in some university now, is a future leader of China," says Watkins. "Probably in the United States or Great Britain today, and the way we create those connections and human interactions now on will benefit our grandchildren and great-grandchildren."

He also commented on how education has changed in recent years and how technology has become necessary for today's and future students and schools, noting that the WAY American School program itself is now all online.

"The fact is, you don't have to go to a local university to get a degree. You can get one online, from a university on the other side of the world, without having to pay for dorm fees, for example."

This new reality makes the educational systems evolve, contributing to bring a good education to all children and young people. "We are living in a hyper-competitive global economy where ideas and jobs can and do move instantly around the world," he says, adding that anyone who is not ready to collaborate and compete will be left behind.

He draws attention to the fact that we are all responsible for ensuring that the new generations will have access to this quality education. And concludes: "When we invest in our people, we are really investing in ourselves."

Watch the main parts of the event in the video below: